Fearfully and Wonderfully Known

Lord, you’ve searched me and you know what

I’ve been doing, and what I’ve thought;

Where I go and how I get there,

What I’ll say before it meets air. 

Wonderful, your hold upon me.

There’s no place where you will not be.

If I’ve fled or have been outcast,

still your love for me is steadfast.


Dark of night to you is nothing.

You’ve known me since I was something.

In a womb you knit and formed me, 

knew me when no eye could yet see. 

Weighty are you thoughts, so many

more than grains of sand that have been. 

Search and know my heart and thinking.

Purge me, lead me, everlasting.  


Photo by Andrew Buchanan at Unsplash.com

Source: Psalm 139

Text: © David Alexander, 2020

Tune: David

Score: https://www.smallchurchmusic.com/Score_PDF-2010/RejoiceForABrother-David.pdf


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