The Soul Can Be Revised

In the perfection of the law of God the soul can be revised.

Finding foundations in what God decrees, the simple are made wise


What can be known from e’re there was a mind; the heart in joy finds right,

and the commands that from our Maker come give light unto our eyes.


Awe-filled regard for all God is and does will evermore endure

What we have seen of God’s own righteousness is altogether pure. 


Sweeter than honey from the purest source, more valued than fine gold,

This law will guide us, lead to our reward within our shepherd’s fold. 


Thus may the meditations of my heart and ev’ry thing I say

Find full acceptance, for you, God, alone, redeem and keep me safe.


Photo by Alexander Mils at

Source:   (Psalm 19:7-11 & 14)

Text:    © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:    St Nicholas


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