Livin’ Out and Proud!

Life is struggle, often scary, so in God I find my place.

Evil’s out there, so be wary; turn toward heaven. Run THAT race.

Though an army camp against me; fear will not invade my heart. 

Confident in God intensely, I will find the better part.


Just one thing have I requested: near to God to daily dwell.

To be hidden in God’s shelter when life’s struggles come to gel.

Even though that time’s not here yet, joyfully I shout out loud

Sing of how my needs have been met as I’m living Out and Proud!


Photo by Yingchih at

Psalm 27:1-6  

Text:   © David Alexander 2020

Tune:  St Asaph


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  1. Hi, Dave, I sent an email to your rca account. Is it still operative? If not what address should I use?


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