Dirge (Psalm 38 to a Taiwanese Tune)

Lord, you’re an-gry. I know why. From my pain you hear my cry.

By your hand I suffer now. For my sin your hand came down.


This, a burden hard to bear, but it’s my own fault, I swear.

Tall i stood, and thought self sleek. Now I’m wounded and I reek.


These, the fruits of my desire: Heartburn, hemorrhoids and fire.

Utterly both spent and crushed, very soon I’ll bite the dust. 


Nothing has been hid from you: sinning, sighing, longing too.

Strength has failed me, light is gone. Former friends look on in scorn.


Enemies have set out snares. No one helps me. No one cares. 

I can’t hear and I can’t speak. Even gesture. I’m too weak. 


Take me soon, Lord. Come in haste. I can’t take another day.

On my way some folks I’ll curse. “Yes, I sinned, but y’all are worse.” 

Photo by Max Oh at Unsplash.com

Source:   Psalm 38

Text:   © David Alexander, 2020

Tune: BÀK-SA(木柵)

Score: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-s4LsTk-uq0 (turn off audio)

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