Listen to me God

Listen to me God for some are making my life hard.

I’m afraid of dying if I don’t stay on guard. 

If I’d wings I’d spread ‘em, fly to someplace far east.

Find a hidden spot of safety from man and from beast.   


Leaders of this nation bray like asses that they are.

Cities filled with vi’lence, coun-try-side armed for war.

Cheaters rule the markets and abusers run in teams.

All expect respect because they retain ways and means.


People who don’t like me, sometimes slight; that’s their way. 

It’s when churchy friends pretend to love, I’m dismayed.

Once we shared in circles, studies, classes and such,

Now it’s clear that they are fearing coloured folks’ touch. 


Let ‘em go to hell, that statue-lovin’ rabid crowd. 

I will call on God all day, my voice loud and proud. 

God remains attentive to the true disciple’s sound.

God, it’s clear will hear and save me on that battleground. 


That’s the way it’s been since long a-go, and it won’t change.

God’s in charge, so sacred customs get rearranged.  

Those with speech like butter but with hearts set on war, 

get revealed for what they are when God evens scores.


Cast your burden on the Lord and you’ll be sustained. 

To the righteous God has ever been, and remains.

While betrayers get cast into the deepest pit.

Those who trust the Lord find comfort in holy writ.


Source:   Psalm 55

Text:  © David Alexander, 2020

Tune:  Precious, precious blood of Jesus


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