Undue Influence

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Kevin, a friend in high school, drove what I thought was the coolest car, a 1953 MGTD, which apparently was his father’s, but he drove it.  In contrast, I had “inherited” the use of a 1960 Ford Falcon that belonged to my brother, who had gone to serve in the Army early in 1968. I felt like (in fact, I was) a dweeb, and the car simply confirmed it.oldtimer-3388015_640

After high school I didn’t wait. I went directly to the Army. 18 months later, returning from Vietnam, I bought an MG of my own, a 1956 MGA.  I set off for Fort Rucker, AL in that thing. Getting to Midland, Texas, where the crankshaft broke.My next year was spent carless, which probably saved my life.  

I returned to California in a 1946 Plymouth early in 1972. It died the next year. But I hadn’t learned my lesson. I bought another MGA, which was nothing but trouble. In 1976 I moved an ocean away, to Taiwan, and spent three more years carless.  Somehow, having no car and, particularly, not an MGA, meant I had money in my pockets for a change.

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Automobiles have been into and out of my life at various times. I’ve been influenced by things like cost, gas mileage, reliability reports, and all kinds of things that have nothing to do with cool. Once again, as with the Falcon when I was in high school, I have a dweeb car, a 2008 Honda Civic.  But undue influence may soon rear its ugly head again.  My brother-in-law, typically a Subaru driver, moved to New Mexico 3 years ago. He’s 62.  Last month he bought a pickup truck. I’d better watch out. 

David Alexander currently dweebs it in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.

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  1. If you think about it too logically you will likely see that for the times when you need a pickup truck’s payload, or its pulling power, you could rent one for a day week or month, cheaper than owning, registering, upkeeping your own. But, there must be something great about having a truck of your own! Extended Cab? Michigan gets snow and ice so 4 wheel drive would be helpful! If Char agrees, you get eventually get a 5th wheel camper for seasons of the year when Michigan is less comfortable!

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