Photo by JOSHUA COLEMAN on Unsplash


Out for a walk last week, we passed a pair of ducks waddling along about half a mile from the nearest open water. They were shiny iridescent green.  Quite a contrast from the thousands of white ducks being farmed around the southern Taiwan campus of Aletheia University, where I taught as an adjunct between 2010 and 2016.  The campus was out in the country, and every duck was snowy white. They were all destined to be eaten.

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Though bunnies are called “little white rabbits” in the Taiwanese imagination, white is not the first color attributed to ducks. Not only the imagination. It’s not only the imagination, though. A dutch artist made a hit, first in Hong Kong (which is NOT part of Taiwan) and then in Kaohsiung (which IS) a few years ago. 

David Alexander now resides far from big and tasty white ducks after 39 years in Taiwan.


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