Serving Size

I probably eat too much.  Cutting back and losing 10 kilos would be very good for me. The active life I had in Taiwan, the regular meals with lots of vegetables and fruit, held my weight in my early 60s close to 91 kilos.  Two years of retirement see it at 99. 

Serving sizes may have something to do with it. I’m a “clean your plate” kind of guy. Some years back I learned not to take seconds, but I figured out that if I take a large portion of “firsts”, I can still eat too much.  

Taiwan is an “eating out” kind of place. Even for eating at home, many people buy a boxed meal which,though it probably contains too much rice, has meat and vegetables in measured portions. People sharing a bottle of beer over a meal drink from small glasses which would be seen as proper for orange juice at breakfast in America.


Recently I fell for the allure of a 5 liter box of white wine for the refrigerator. On the second day it was there, I told myself that I was only allowed one glass per day, either with my mid day or my evening meal. I’ve kept to that.  On the side of the box it is noted that there are 34 servings inside. I did the math. This is based on a glass of wine being 150ml.  I wondered how that would look in one of the wine glasses from which I drink at meals. I got out a glass and a measuring cup, put 150ml of water in the cup, then put it into the glass.  Seeing how high in the glass that amount of water would go, I decided that the box contains not 34, but 20 servings. 

Like I said above, I probably eat too much.  Drink too much, too.

Photo by Piotr Makowski on Unsplash

David Alexander self-distances in Holland, MI after 39 years of pressing the flesh in Taiwan.

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