Nearer to Death as More Alive

The Closer to Death a Thrill takes us, the More Alive we are likely to Feel.

Screenshot 2020-04-25 at 20.45.39With the exception of 2020, when the current pandemic has locked us down and cancelled many events, carnival rides are a common feature of festivals and celebrations. In general, carnival rides are safe. They may raise us high (as on a ferris wheel) or whip us around corners at high speed (as a roller coaster), but we’re fairly safe on these machines. If that weren’t so, the companies that operate them and the festivals that hire those companies to set up for several days could not get insurance. 

Carnival rides may be advertised as offering thrills, but they don’t come close to the kinds of thrill involved in bungee jumping, parachute jumping, or white-water rafting.  These pursuits bring a participant nearer to death, and by doing that, bring the kind of exhilaration that makes one feel more alive. 

Riding a motorcycle at high speed in the dark may be one way to find this thrill through risking death. But don’t forget, doing so risks death, and may well lead to the rider’s own, or some innocent bystander’s, demise.  

Find your thrills at the carnival, not on the road. 

David Alexander now resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.

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