Tulips Outside of Time, Time

At a store in Tainan about 5 years ago I found myself with time to read a poster near the ATM where I was making a withdrawal.  The announcement thereon was about an upcoming “shopping festival” in the city. I found this amusing because, being a Tainan resident for several years by that time, I found every day to be a shopping festival.

Photo by Joyce Romero on Unsplash

When I was a child in Los Angeles, my mother listened to the radio in the house and in the car almost incessantly. Some of the jingles on the commercials remain with me to this day, 60-odd years later.  ♬ Ev-er-y-day’s a special day at Thriftimart!♬ As a child, I didn’t realize that the song meant there were special deals every day, I merely assumed that whenever you went there it would feel special.

SAN FERNANDO VALLEY _ GRANADA HILLS_ Thriftimart Granada Hills_ photo by Sharon Klek

                                                                                                    Photo by Sharon Klek on Pinterest

The plague we’re in, with its attendant stay-at-home conditions, has meant the cancellation of many current and upcoming events.  Sports just aren’t happening in the USA, and professional baseball in Taiwan is being played in stadia empty of all but teams and broadcasters. Here in Holland, we’ve received news that our season tickets to the summer repertory theatre season are cancelled for 2020, but we’ll get tickets for 2021.  Even Holland’s premier annual cultural festival, Tulip Time, has been cancelled. 

But nobody told the tulips.  The bulbs were put into the ground last November. Along the streets that will become Tulip Lanes, they’ve sprouted and the leaves are lush. Stems arise, and we recently saw our first blossoms. 2019’s investment will bring no dollars back to the Tulip Time Corporation in 2020 from which to fund 2021’s festival. The beauty and benefit will be for local residents and such people as come by car (even the daily train has been suspended) to look at the colors while maintaining proper social distance. 

640px-Holland_MI_Tulips_03Photo by  BazookaJoe CC BY-SA 3.0,

As it is said  in Cleveland, “There’ll always be next year.”

David Alexander resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.

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