How is Taiwan Facing the Coronavirus?

I am ALWAYS proud to be associated, both by long residence and by citizenship, with Taiwan. I am doubly proud of my country for this extraordinarily good response to yet another imprtation from and imposition by the large empire next door.

Taiwan Insight

Written by Josie-Marie Perkuhn.

Image credit: 總統視導「陸軍第33化學兵群防疫整備」by 總統府/Flickr, license CC BY 2.0

The sheer scope of the Coronavirus (2019-nCov) has taken the world’s breath away: the numbers of infected mainlanders have increased dramatically. According to a WHO Report, since January 23rd—when the first infected women arrived in Taoyuan International Airport—the number of confirmed cases in Taiwan has reached 23. Taiwan-based COVID-tracking webpage also reports 24 deaths, which is corroborated by ifeng News. Additionally, Taiwan’s health minister Chen Shih-Chung (陳時中), along with confirming the first fatality, has stated that a violation of reporting will be fined up to NT 150,00. As of writing, it is unclear how the deceased taxi driver became infected since he spent no time outside the island.

Given this, Taiwan’s problems go beyond the purely medical. The medical concern is to prevent any further infection. However, the political involvement of the…

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