Saying Hello to Grace

We’ve known Grace Wu since the late 1980s. She finished her studies at Tainan theological college in 1986 and was assigned to a little church not far from our house. Grace did good work there, but she had bigger ideas than a local parish that required overseas advanced study. I helped her with a little bit of tutoring.

When she got back from those studies, she married an artist. She also became the director of a family counseling center and an in-demand speaker on relationships. Her elder son was born soon after our son, so she and my wife, Char, shared pregnancy and child-raising stories.

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Grace did a lot of things, too many, in fact. Once when she needed help with the English in some project, and stopped by our house to get the help, Char sent her to rest in our darkened bedroom for an hour, which was probably not what she thought she needed, but was just the ticket.

Eventually Grace was hired by Chang  Jung Christian University to run their counseling center, and got faculty status in the divinity school. 

When she discovered that we were in town, she invited us for coffee. Unfortunately, we were obligated to some other things at about the same time, so our time was pretty short.  We learned that her sons have done well her husband is a respected ceramicist, and Grace is ready to retire in a year. We wish her the best, and we cherish the friendship she has given us. 

David Alexander now resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.

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