Walking up the Wrong Walk

We moved to Tainan in 2008 and took up residence on the campus of Tainan Theological College. After 25 years in the center of Kaohsiung City (about 30 miles away), the campus felt like a park and sounded absolutely quiet to us. Of course it was neither, but by comparison, it felt that way.

Our first few days on campus were spent in the college’s guest house, an over-ambitious project that within a year or two was converted into a dormitory for nurses who worked at the hospital next door. We were in our own half-of-a-duplex within a week of arrival.  The guest house was moved to a larger faculty house right next door to “our place”. Over the 11 years of our residence in Tainan, we arranged for many friends to stay there. We knew that it was rather basic, but only now, on a post-retirement trip back, have we learned how “basic” that was. 

Screenshot 2020-01-14 at 19.02.32

We’re only here for a brief period, so “no big deal”. The difficult part has been returning to campus after a jaunt out and walking right past the path to the door of the place where we’re staying now, and heading for what was, but no longer is, home. We haven’t yet let ourselves in next door, but who knows, on a dark enough night with too much sleep in our eyes, we may get all the way in!

David Alexander usually resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan, BUT, he was back home when he posted this.



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