Sic Transit Thai

We took up residence in Kaohsiung in 1982 and stayed put for 25 years. When we relocated to Tainan in 2008 we discovered a hole-in-the-wall Thai restaurant that became our “go to” place for a quick meal all the way through our retirement in July of 2018.  Back in Taiwan for a 2 week stint which will include voting in a national election for the first time here, we found ourselves in need of a meal this evening. We walked the 3 blocks to our place. It was gone.


On the way there we had talked about the chances that it might be gone, but couldn’t imagine such a fate, when it had been so stable, occupying three different storefronts on both sides of a back alley. But, alas, now there are three DIFFERENT little places there. And the restaurant next door, which we’d known as a Mexican place, then a Turkish one, is now Japanese!

When we were permanently established here, things changed a lot. We just never expected that 18 months away would have seen as much transition as we experienced this evening. Where will we EVER find that yellow chicken curry again?

David Alexander is at home in Taiwan for the election on January 11th. After that, it’ll be back to Holland, MI.

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