When It Becomes Real

The biggest event in our month-to-come, or perhaps in our year-to-come, is the trip we’ll make to Taiwan beginning in the wee hours of the morning of January 6th.  The flight takes off from Chicago, so we’ve got to get there. Yesterday we bought a set of tickets on the bus AND a set of tickets on the train. If the weather forecast for the 5th looks nasty, we’ll get up early and board the train, which will go no matter what the weather. But, if it looks good, we’ll cancel the train reservations, sleep later, go to church, even have an afternoon nap before boarding the bus after 4PM. (Sadly, the bus tickets we’ve bought are non-refundable).

Making those decisions and booking those tickets began to make things feel real.

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Today we put vacation holds on the mail and the newspaper. Then we called the credit card companies (like many people in Taiwan and the USA, we have too many separate accounts) to make sure we wouldn’t be cut off while overseas.



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Those calls made it even more real.

We wrote a thank you note to an association of Taiwanese churches in North America that sent us a check at the end of the year.  A note like that is, of course, a typical thing to do, but in the note we mentioned that like many other Taiwanese people, we’ll be returning home to vote for the president’s re-election.  

It’s very, very real.  Now it’s time to begin packing.


David Alexander now resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.

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