Snatched from Blind Ignorance

We’re going home to Taiwan to vote in January. We blithely assumed that it was just a matter of showing up at the polls with our ID cards on the 1/11. It turns out that we were wrong, but we’ve been “saved in the nick of time” by a word from someone concerned that we not travel Trans-Pacific in vain.

Search of election regulations on government websites related elections and to “Overseas Chinese” (the category within which we now fall) voting in elections turned up very detailed information, including the fact that certain documents have to be filed at a particular office in Tainan City no later than close of business on December 2nd.  OK, we’ve got a week, and we can scan those documents to a friend who lives there and will be able to make the application for us. BUT, the rules mentioned a particular application form. We we couldn’t find that ANYWHERE on the various websites that we consulted.  



茲委託      (國民身分證統一編號:          。戶籍地址:

    省(市)   縣(市) 鄉(鎮市區)   村(里)

鄰            路(街) 段 巷 弄  號 樓

電話:         )代辦第15任總統副總統選舉返國行使選舉權選舉人登記之申請。

We called the Taiwan consulate in Chicago. The nice lady there sent the forms by e-mail.  So, we’d ordinarily be set, BUT, we’re out of town. Our passports and household registration certificate are on the other side of Lake Michigan, where we’ll not “be” until late on Friday night. We’ll send everything to our “agent” in Tainan well in time, and will hope that papers can be filed on the 2nd. Problem solved.

Had it not been solved as it was, we’d probably have gone to Taiwan anyway, just to be in the tropics and miss two weeks of Michigan winter, and to see many friends. It would’ve been OK, just not “super”. 

So, on the cusp of Thanksgiving day here in America’s heartland, we are grateful to and for those friends near and far who care enough to help and to inform. There are not white canes and guide dogs for our kind of blindness, but there are kind people.

Thank God for that!

David Alexander now resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.

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Husband of One and Father of Two Citizen of Taiwan, resident of the USA. Clergy: The Presbyterian Church in Taiwan. Retired

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