Nothing to Brag About

But I won’t let that stop me.

Seven self-published collections of singable verse, with links to audio accompaniment, which I put together in the past month or so are available here:    They are all e-books. No paper, no ink will be wasted. Only time and pixels went into the projects.

king to king coverIf you’re not “churchy” you shouldn’t bother even clicking. In fact, even if you ARE “churchy” you might find it a waste of an otherwise perfectly good click.  BUT, the self-publishing platform suggested letting my social media network know about them, SO, now you know.

The project grew out of stuff brought into retirement when I departed Taiwan last year. There’s enough in there for three more collections, each about the same length. Once I hit the magic number of 10, though, I’ll have to start writing new stuff.

Other retired guys take up golf or Fox News (or maybe both). Maybe if you do the free 20% sample of one or more of the collections, you’ll wish that I had, too.


David Alexander now resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.



6 Replies to “Nothing to Brag About”

  1. Hey, Dave. I tried your link and nothing was there. You might want to check that.

    Also – we just bought a condo in Holland. It will be our home base while we’re in Ethiopia then for good in retirement. We’ll need to connect next summer when we’re home on leave.


  2. Hey, the link didn’t work for me either–repost it again if you can-it looks interesting! Michael


  3. Thanks for the word about the link. I’ll try to correct it. AND, may I nominate you for distiguished alumnus of NBTS before the 2020 graduation?


  4. You have been nominated. I’ll leave it to Joan Marshall and you to deal with the rest of the details. If you’ll be at graduation in 2020, we’ll see each other there.


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