Ebook Crazy

Late in 2012 it became necessary for my employment to spend 6 months away from home in Tainan, and to do so in America. The nature of American life requires the possession and use of an automobile. One of my wife’s elderly uncles had recently passed away, leaving his Buick as part of his estate. We arranged to purchase it.  

When we arrived we learned that transfer of the title required each of his heirs to “sign off”. That meant meeting with several cousins. I recall a conversation with Larry, who talked about cleaning out his father’s house. Apparently Uncle Jim had never thrown things away. It was 2012, but Larry and his siblings were dealing with stuff from the 1950s. I asked what Larry had learned. He replied, “Don’t to this to your own kids.” 

Retirement has been accompanied by clearing out some of our OWN stuff. A lot of files from courses I taught at Tainan Theological College and Aletheia University will have to go. Other things that I wrote either for the joy of it or as “scholarly” (take that with an entire SHAKER of salt) articles is finding other places. Of late, I’ve been creating ebooks and posting them for sale at $2 each. So far I’ve actually sold two, earning for myself a total of $3.04!

lords prayer coverThe books themselves are collections of song texts with links to tunes. I’ve enjoyed creating them, and if not a one ever sells, well, “I’ve enjoyed creating them.” One could say I’ve gone a little crazy, posting one in October and 5 more in the first two weeks of November. 

Where, you may (and I’m hoping you will) ask, can they be found?  I shan’t be shy. Go here:

https://www.smashwords.com/profile/view/alexataiwan   and order up a hard-disk full.



David Alexander now resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.

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