I made up that German, but I think you can probably figure it out without too much trouble. We attended some of these events, mounted by the Tainan YMCA, during our last few years in Taiwan.  The YMCA in Tainan had shifted some of its facilities and services to serving the elderly of the city, including the provision of daycare services for people with memory issues. But it had many activities aimed at older folks who were fully compus mentus as well.  Sometimes they’d mount a musical revue and rent the assembly hall at Tainan Theological College to hold the performances. We’d go because it was near, and because it was free, and because when it happened in the summer it was air conditioned. 


In 2018 we attended a similar event at the senior citizens’ center down the block here in Holland, MI. We went because Char’s sister directs the hand bell choir that does part of the show. The handbell group is excellent!  The other groups do not shine nearly as brightly. Last year the Chorus was good, the Dutch Dancers were OK and the tap dancers less so, but the harmonica band was dreadful and didn’t know it, playing another and another song ad nauseum.  This week it was time for the 2019 gala. Because it’s just a short walk, and because we have a family connection, we attended, The bells were once again excellent (I have to write this, first because it’s true, and second because Char’s sister subscribes to the blog). After the final chord finished vibrating we rose, not to applaud, but to flee the premises.  

Though we’ll have no stories to tell about the 2019 event, we’ll likely go back in 2020. 

Image Credit: Tichnor Brothers, Publisher [Public domain]

David Alexander resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan.