Back to Taiwan… Kind of…

We went to see the movie, The Farewell. Though it’s set in China and mostly in Mandarin with subtitles, much of it felt like being in Taiwan again. 

Characters looked like people we’ve known in there, especially Taiwan residents whose roots go to Northern China.  Settings in China looked like some of the grungier parts of Taiwan cities, but that’s because it’s set in grungier parts of Chinese cities. The urban congestion was real, and people acted like people at home. A large part of the movie takes place at a wedding feast, and we could identify having been to feasts that were much the same.

In one scene, a character who is about 30 years old, who had grown up since age 6 in America, converses with her eldest uncle in Chinese. Familiar with how Mandarin sounds, we were able to catch the humor in how badly the character spoke it. 

We can’t pretend to have “listened” to the dialog instead of reading the subtitles, but having both together demonstrated how well the translators had interpreted the Chinese into clear and accurate English. 

Should this movie come near to you, as it did to us, and you are missing Taiwan, as we are, we’d recommend it. The trailer is on YouTube at:

David Alexander resides in Holland, MI after 39 years in Taiwan