Two Momentous Weeks

Week 2

Back from Maine, we rested for a couple of days. The coming weekend was another big one. Saturday morning we left Holland on Amtrak for Chicago. Got a cab to Hyde Park and celebrated our daughter’s @thian_un  graduation from the University of Chicago with a PhD in East Asian Languages and Cultures.  After the ceremony went back to her place for champagne, then left for the station again. I was scheduled to preach in Oostburg WI the next day, and Char wanted to catch the evening train back to Holland.

Got to the station just in time for the train to Wisconsin, then learned that it would leave about 15 minutes late, which was comforting.  Char’s train was on time, but still about 75 minutes after mine.

Got off the train at the Milwaukee airport and was met by women from Oostburg who were on their way home from Chicago. I guess the train on the tracks paralleled their car on the road for part of the way. Anyhow, pleasant folks.  They delivered me to more pleasant folks in Oostburg who fed and housed me overnight. Next morning at first church, Oostburg, I had a great time with people. Got to preach one of my “oldie but goodie” sermons written in 2012.  I hope it wasn’t the same one I did there when I visited in 2012.

After church went to a family dinner (not my family, someone else’s) and was taken back to the station by a retired police sergeant from Sheboygan who now does prisoner transport for a private firm. I felt very safe.

I was on the train before I learned about the carnage in Orlando. A real shock, since in the Milwaukee station I’d picked up free papers from the local “arts and culture” scene which were full of LGBTQ friendly ads because it was pride week.

In Chicago again, at the Legacy Club (the concierge, George, is great) I entered when a rather ragged young man was being ejected for not being a member.  He mocked George with air quotes about the space being for “special people”.  I complimented George on his patience with the guy, and he replied that he had to go pray on Sundays.

Train back to Holland was delayed by an open draw bridge in Indiana, letting ship traffic through to who knows where.  Home on Sunday night, though, a wonderful feeling.


Two momentous weeks.  Son married, daughter graduated, grandparents escorted to Maine and back.  Someday we’ll have to try all of this travel in slow motion, so we can see things.



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