#Blendkit2016 Module 2


This week’s question is, “how will you interact with students?”

As I move portions of the courses that I teach at Tainan Theological College and the Moatao campus of Aletheia University to a blended format, enhancing and replacing some of the things students and I do in Face-to-Face sessions with material accessed online, responded to privately, and submitted online, I plan to interact with students through individual notes in response to those assignments submitted directly to me as teacher, and by quiet observation of the open discussion forum with occasional notes encouraging students to respond to each others’ posts. That’s the online portion.

Because something more than 50% of the time in class will be spent in Face to Face sessions, there will also be significant interaction there.

I see this as being a potential good mix for taking into other classes, such as the practicum in the history of hermeneutics applied to the Torah that I teach at the theological college, and as a way to stimulate those students who have been reluctant to show up for the written translation courses I’ve taught at Aletheia University to at least do some of trhe assigned weekly work, and thereby avoid failing the course (again).


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