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I signed up for this blog over a year ago, then did nothing with it because I put things elsewhere. BUT, now, for an online course I'm taking there's a requirement that I do a blog post every week and submit the url for credit.  This week's topic, in the course blendkit2016, asks me to choose a style for the "blend" (between online teaching and face to face teaching) that I hope to use going forward as a teacher. The particular blend that appeals to me most is called "Atelier", which is based on an artist's workshop where several art students work at once under the guidance of a master artist, and in full view of each other.  In the text it's described as follows: 
An art studio is generally an open space where students create their paintings, sculptures, and other art forms in full view of fellow artists. The “master” is then able to observe the activities of all students and can draw attention to innovative approaches. Students are not limited to learning based solely on the expertise of the instructor. The activities of all students can serve to guide, direct, and influence each individuals work.

I think I kind of used this at Aletheia University's south Taiwan campus these recent years, and in one class at Tainan Theological College, too. Now I have a better description of what it is I was trying, and what I hope to develop.

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