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Hearing and Evaluating

The online course I’m taking, Blendkit 2016 from the University of Central Florida, asks that I consider how I might evaluate students’ assignments submitted online.  I get the feeling that the model for these courses is for big classes.  For example: one of the people in last week’s webinar teaches a group of 600 freshmen in her microeconomics course at Ohio State.  Anyway, my teaching of the course I’m designing for Aletheia University in Taiwan envisions a group of as few as 10, or as many as 20.  So, I’m asking that students learn to use equipment to listen to one audio file while recording into another.

I’m cognizant that they might have trouble the first few weeks, until they get used to it, but am also hopeful that they will mainly be concentrating on speaking, getting used to the sound of their voices when translating.  My evaluation will be mainly ab out did they do it, did they do it on time, and did they submit it in a way that I got it.  My own responses are envisioned as being audio as well, so that I don’t have to write much, and so that they will get more experience listening (which is not the intent of the course).


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